About Me as a Therapist
Benefits of Massage / FAQs

Benefits of Massage


~  a healthy pathway to happiness and relief.

~  another way to help restore energy levels.

~  a good way to prevent pain and stiffness before they get out of hand.

~  known to enhance creativity and improve motor skills.

~  a helper in maintaining homeostasis, the healthy balance and well-being within the body.

~  administered lightly to relax and improves overall blood circulation in your body.

~  administered more deep in tissues to break up chronic pain patterns.

~  a way for chemicals in the brain to release that reduce pain and stress.

~  another way to improve the condition of your skin.

~  an immunity booster and has been shown to reduce the stress hormone called cortisol.

~  headache relief when focusing on the neck, head, and scalp.

~  an aid in the fight against depression and anxiety.

~  a great way for athletes to prepare for, or recover from, strenuous workouts and activity.

~  a spasm and cramping reducer for normal ailments.

~  great for many different body types and ages!




Question 1: How many massage sessions will it take to "fix" the problem areas?      
Answer : Since each person's body is unique, there is not one perfect answer.  It may take one a week, one every 2 weeks, or only one a month.  It all depends on you and on a number of things including, but not limited to: how your body receives the massage, what the person's habits/ routines/ postures are daily, if an individual is eating and sleeping healthily, and so on. 

Think about it like this:  If you go to the gym or a yoga class more than once a month, you will see and feel better results quicker than only going once in a while.   

Question 2: What should I expect the first time I go in for a therapeutic massage?
Answer :   It's good to dress comfortably if you can.  The first time you come in for a session with me you will get a free consultation and fill out a confidential intake form about your basic medical history and injuries, any allergies you have, and so on.  Then we will briefly discuss session details and goals for you. This is a great time to ask any questions or express any concerns you may have about your health or about the massage session process.  **Make sure to be detailed and honest on your intake form.  Always inform your therapist of any changes in health, contagious illness or even starting to feel sick, new medications, recent injuries, or other contraindications you may have or had recently.

Question 3:  What should I expect during my massage session?
Answer :  To relax, breathe comfortably, and to close your eyes and "drift away".  All clients will be draped (covered) with the sheets and as the therapist works she will only uncover sections of the body that are allowable to massage. Private areas of the human body will never be touched or uncovered. 
      Taking slow, comfortable, deep breaths is a very good way to relax and get the full benefit of each session. Try not to think about things that will make you feel stressed during your massage like the shopping list, work tomorrow, etc.  If you start to think anxious or worrisome thoughts during your session, simply acknowledge them, give yourself permission to let them go for now, and return to focusing on your breathe. 
     It is not unusual to feel strong emotions during or after a massage.  Our muscle tissues have the ability to hold memories.  If you need anything during a session, like a sip of water or a tissue, or even an adjustment to the pressure, simply let your therapist know in kind words. Remember that the therapist wants you to feel safe and comfortable.

Question 4:  Should I tip a massage therapist?
Answer :   I can only speak for myself when I say that tipping is not a must, but that it is deeply appreciated when you can afford to!  Thank you.   

Question 5:  Is it ever a bad idea to get a massage?
Answer :  While some people may scoff at the idea of a "bad time for massage", the answer is actually yes.  Some examples are:
- Sunburn or when you are peeling from a previous bad sunburn
- During an outbreak of contagious rashes or skin disorders at any stage
- When you are sick or have a communicable disease or a virus or are getting sick
- After drinking alcohol or taking non-prescription drugs
- While you are taking certain over-the-counter medications or after drug use
- Immediately after certain surgeries (permission from you doctor first)
- During acute or recent injuries, massage can cause too much inflammation
- During the very beginning of a pregnancy/ 1st trimester (permission from your doctor first)
- After new tattoos or piercings, that area should be avoided until completely healed 
- If you have blood clotting, or certain heart conditions. (Must be approved by your doctor first)

*** If you are not sure if it is the right time for you to have a massage, be honest and talk with your doctor and your massage therapist before coming in.***  I will work with you to try to get you in at an appropriate time.  I care about our health!