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Therapeutic Massage Sessions

   My Therapeutic Massage Sessions consist of many professional techniques including, but not limited to: Effleurage (long gliding strokes), Petrissage (lifting/ light kneading of muscle tissue), and Trigger-Point Therapy, Reflexology, Compression, Circular Pressure, and many more.  The pressure in Swedish Therapeutic Massage sessions ranges from light to medium. 
       Through this type of massage many clients experience dreamy or meditative states and often report a deeper level of relaxation, feelings of restoration, and peacefulness.  This type of massage session can help the body restore proper circulation, promote stress-relief, boost the immune system, and aid your body in restoring homeostasis (the body's equilibrium).  It can also improve mood and uplift emotional states.  Try a Therapeutic Swedish session at Jody's Massage and drift away to a calmer place within yourself.  

45 Min Swedish Table Massage*             $55 / New Client - $45
60 Min Swedish Table Massage*             $70 / New Client - $60
90 Min Swedish Table Massage*           $100 / New Client - $90

*FREE aromatherapy available for each session ( essential oils )

*ADD DEEP TISSUE WORK when available for $10 more.  ( Deeper pressure, benefits chronic muscle tension and focuses on deeper layers of muscle, tendons, and fascia )

NEW! Treat Yourself Package

The Treat Yourself Package starts off with the full Feet First Treatment (soak followed by foot massage).  Then you'll receive a 90 minute massage session, followed by your choice of a 10 minute vibrational-therapy session using the Massage Body Buffer OR a 10 minute Reiki Energy Session.  The package is about 2 HOURS long, so please call ahead to book your appointment. 

Treat Yourself Package, Swedish    $145 / New Clients $135

Treat Yourself Package, Deep Tissue   $155 / New Clients $145


Feet First Foot Treatment, Add-On

   Soak your feet in a nice warm aromatherapy foot bath for 10 minutes while you relax in the big comfy chair.  Afterwards you'll receive a specialized foot massage with the massage cream before your regular massage session beginsThis treatment is a great way to add a little extra TLC to any regular session. 

(Please allow about 25 minutes extra when adding this to your regular timed session.)

Feet First Treatment        $10 add-on to any regular session

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